Knockdown Rebuild

Renovate or Knockdown Rebuild?
This is a common dilemma that frustrates many of our prospective clients.
If you are thinking of renovating it is because you are thinking of ‘change’. The question you must next ask yourself is whether a renovation will provide you with the modern house that you are after? Or will a complete Knockdown Rebuild be likely to provide a more favourable outcome?

The pitfall of a renovation is that you have to work within a limited framework that has already become outdated. You may well even have to work in with someone else’s previous mistakes? Having to compromise can lead to stress and to disappointment.

A Knockdown Rebuild avoids these scenarios. The outcome is that your house plans will be designed and built using modern energy efficient technology, new materials, new fittings, new paint just to name a few. A Knockdown Rebuild provides a brand new solution built from scratch as opposed to a new solution from an old problem.

CUSTOM HOUSE DESIGN specialises in new home designs predominantly for the Sydney Knockdown Rebuild market. Integral to this service is that CUSTOM HOUSE DESIGN offers a pre-purchase site assessment.

Is the proposed site (land area) suitable or sufficient for building your new home and what restrictions and/or limitations, if any, may be required?

If already purchased our CUSTOM HOUSE DESIGN team will show you how to best incorporate your design requirements for maximum site compatibility and to minimise unnecessary costs.

Prior to purchasing your site, consider a ‘Pre-Purchase Site Assessment’. Our experienced team will visit and provide you with a report detailing the suitability of the site and any limitations that might impact on development including local & state regulations.

For Knockdown Rebuild areas this becomes even more important as much of the infrastructure (power/water/gas/sewer/stormwater) services or connections are much older and the costs to reconnect, relocate or remove as well as the impact of local environmental controls can add considerable additional cost. Advance knowledge will make it easier to decide on your Knockdown Rebuild site purchase.

A site assessment is included in our custom design fee but should you wish to arrange for a ‘Pre-Purchase Site Assessment’(s) prior to design, a fee of $99 is payable for the initial report and $79 per site thereafter.
A ‘site report’ can give you greater certainty that you can build your new home without any unexpected ‘hiccups’ – please note however that this is not a report on the existing home or the property but rather on its’ suitability for your proposed new home.