Concept Meeting:
Our initial meeting is like a first date where we’ll get to know one another. We’ll introduce ourselves, the services we offer along with our fee structure, we’ll sit down with you and ask about your needs, your wish-list, your site, your lifestyle, all to discover exactly what it is that you are after in your desired home design.
If necessary we’ll arrange to visit your site so that we may conceptualise the ideas ascertained from the Brief into a sketch for our next meeting.
Upon acceptance of our quotation we’ll order a contour survey to proceed to develop your design.
Sketch Design:
At this meeting we’ll present our concept from the understanding your Brief has provided, we’ll discuss local regulations along with our recommendation for DA or CDC and how the site interacts with its streetscape and local environment. We’ll present you with preliminary floor plans and a façade. The floor plans will be sufficiently dimensioned and detailed to allow a Builder(s) to provide a building estimate

Design phase:
With reference to our previous meetings fully dimensioned floor plans will now be drawn. These will include all elevations and section, The floor plans will take into consideration such factors as; gross floor area, setbacks, building height, privacy issues, shadowing and site coverage to name a few…
Your house plans become available as a 3D model which we’ll export to you. Your house design is now easy to visualise as 2D becomes 3D and you gain a better appreciation of the floor plans and layout.
Your interaction is paramount. You will provide feedback and make any amendments to the house plans during this phase leading to sign-off.

Presentation Meeting:
This is it! We’ll present you with your full set of completed floor plans after all amendments along with all other documentation required for planning Approval.
You’re now ready to submit for council development approval (DA) or NSW planning code complying development certification approval (CDC) whichever is most suitable for your project.
Once Approved we will liaise with your chosen Builder for the construction drawings.